Summer 2013 Intern Reflections

I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you about these past 5 weeks I’ve spent in Haiti.  Here goes!  One of the first things I want to point out is how different the landscape is here between the dry season and the wet season.  During spring break I was astounded by how barren the landscape was.  Tet chaje (it blew my mind).  I simply couldn’t comprehend how people could subsist in this environment, or with such small land parcels for cultivation.  See below for a photo of the landscape in the dry season versus the wet season.

This is an example of what the general landscape looks like in the dry season.

Here is a photo # 1 of an area in the dry season.  Sara Best (C’ 15) took this photo during spring break in March.

Here is photo # 2 of the same spot in the wet season.  I took this photo yesterday, June 18th.  Note the same tree in both photos.

Here is the view off of the porch of the Clinique Externe where we stay in Zamni Lasante.  I took this photo yesterday as well, June 18th.

Here is a photo from the same porch of the Clinique Externe from our spring break trip in March.  Photo creds to Sara Best again.  Thanks!

This is one of my favorite photos I took this summer.  This photo was taken while Bosquet and I were doing Enkets (interviews) with the Bois Jolie farmers.  This property was over an hour long hike from the nursery, but well worth it.  These are some of the biggest trees I have ever seen in Haiti, period.  Happening upon this little grove of six massive mango trees and these six kids playing below is a moment that I am not soon to forget.

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