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Effaizien Sorting Out Ants. Bois Jolie. 2015. [photo: Hunter Swenson] Scott Summer Holding Ant Collection Tubes. Bois Jolie, 2015. [photo: Hunter Swenson] In 1788 Haiti was responsible for half the worlds coffee supply. Yesterday at Bois Jolie, I spent the morning with the biodiversity team, one part of the Zamni Kafe team. It was extremely… more →

A mirror. A photo.

  Kinam Hotel, Pétion-Ville, Port Au Prince, Haiti. May, 2015. [photo: Pradip Malde]   What is the purpose of a mirror? Each person may define its purpose in a slightly different way. But many of us wake up each morning and one of the first things we do is look in the mirror. We use… more →

Present vs Future

Mirebalais market thoroughfare, Haiti, June 2015 [photo: Mansell Ambrose] As a foreigner it seems wherever you go in Haiti there is always someone who will ask you either for money or food. The questions come in all shapes and sizes; whether it be a woman running after you in the city-street, an old man in… more →

Kenbe Design project

Kenbe Design is an interesting program about community development through building and design projects: “We believe design and construction are vital for progress.  By integrating a collaborative building process with we have created jobs, improved local economies, developed trades and reduce dependence on foreign aid.  Since 2011 Kenbe has worked in partnership with communities and organizations to… more →

Heading Down the Mountain

The last few days have been incredibly eventful. As per usual, we went to Bois Jolie to continue our study on Friday and spent that night at the local school. If I thought we were working efficiently last week, this week’s operation blew that out of the water. We all (Sewanee and CFFL students) went… more →


Evening. At the Zanmi Lasante Orphanage. Cange, Haiti. May, 2015 photo: Pradip Malde

Evening. At the Zanmi Lasante Orphanage. Cange, Haiti. May, 2015 [photo: Pradip Malde] Today we, Zamni Foto and Zamni Kafe teams, returned from our weekly overnight in Bois Jolie, Haiti. It was a very good trip. It was good because both groups completed a large amount of work. However, what I found more interesting happened… more →


Ruth with her nephew, Wenshel Saintillus. Bois Jolie, Haiti. June, 2015. Amidst all the hooha about the Red Cross inefficiently spending millions in Haiti, there is a perennial, widespread, attitude  that troubles me. It goes something like this: Haiti is a troubled nation, and its people cannot articulate their needs or are capable of pulling… more →