Partners In Coffee

Want to understand better what Zanmi Kafe is? Deb McGrath wrote a great article for College Planning & Management’s (CPM) magazine, outlining the project in a very understandable way. The article was featured in CPM’s “Trends in Green: Sustainable Innovations on Campus” section. Partners in Coffee – Sewanee – CP&M – January 2014 CPM is… more →

Housing in Haiti

  A Haiti Institute in Sewanee team drove by this housing development in February. Questions persist as to why, over two years after the construction project began, the site remains unoccupied. Some sources (Haiti Grassroots Watch) say the project cost over $44 million to construct, and that it is one more instance of a foreign… more →

USAID Takes Step Toward Greater Transparency, Reveals Low Levels of Local Procurement | Relief and Reconstruction Watch

article : USAID Takes Step Toward Greater Transparency, Reveals Low Levels of Local Procurement | Relief and Reconstruction Watch In a positive step towards greater transparency of U.S. aid programs in Haiti and worldwide USAID has released new data on its use of local country systems. However, the content of the data itself also raises questions… more →

Sewanee Presents at 2014 AASHE Conference in Nashville, TN

Members of the Sewanee-Haiti Institute presented the Zanmi Kafe project at the 2014 Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) annual national conference. Post-baccalaureate fellow Charlotte Henderson (’13) and students Linnea Carver (’14) and Elizabeth Sega (’15) gave a stellar presentation. They spoke of payment for ecosystem services (PES), outlining how the… more →

Fall Break in Haiti

The Haiti team left bright and early (3am!) to travel from Sewanee to Nashville, to catch our flight to Port-au-Prince. We were excited to see our friends in Haiti and also to see how the coffee and mango seedlings were doing in Bois Jolie. Over the summer, Linnea, Ford, and Elizabeth planted many bamboo shoots… more →