Biodiversity Lesson with CFFL Students

Yesterday, the whole crew went over to CFFL, Zanmi Lasante’s partner school, to meet with the four students who are working with us for our biodiversity study. From the kid who desperately wants to learn the native language, but is learning frustratingly slow, it went much better than I was expecting. Through a strange (but… more →

Zanmi Foto and Bois Jolie on May 30th

Aloce reviews camera usage with Mme Exana [photo: Brooke Irvine] CFFL and Sewanee interns for Zanmi Foto 2014: Brooke Irvine, Monclair Joseph, Caroline Minchew, Aloce Louis, Thony Fontaine and Chandler Sowden [photo: Pradip Malde] The Bois Joli trip on Thursday, May 30, overall went very well. Lionel Jeremie (ZF family) met us with a mule at… more →

First Biodiversity Survey in Bois Jolie

At last, after countless hours of preparation and an innumerable amount of group meetings, we finally saw the fruits of our labor today. The Zanmi Kafe team, comprised of four Sewanee students and four Haitian CFFL students, began our day by visiting Madame Exana’s home in Bois Jolie to attempt our first full biodiversity survey.… more →

Zanmi Foto: First Photographs

Yesterday, the Zanmi Foto team looked on as the first four families in Bois Joli received their cameras. The moment was very exciting as the CFFL students explained first the basic operations of the cameras, how to charge the battery with a solar panel, and how to take a photograph.  

First Distribution of Coffee Seedlings

Bois Jolie farmers collect the first batch of coffee saplings from the Zanmi Kafe nursery. Haiti, May 26, 2014. Madame Josephine Exana takes her coffee saplings home. May 26, 2014. Professor Deborah McGrath, Agronimist Bosquet Wupuy and Madame Josephine Exana admire her first planting of a coffee sapling. May 26, 2014. [photos: Pradip Malde]

Mirebalais Market

  Mirebalais, one of Haiti’s oldest towns, has been a nodal point for commerce and agriculture for almost 300 years. Now, it accommodates a modern teaching hospital, Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais while sustaining a large hinterland of farmers through a densely packed and active market. We visited its stalls to get a sense of market values for… more →

Life and Death in Haiti

Today we hiked to Bois Jolie to begin distributing mango, sed and akajou seedlings (the first to come out of the 16,000 seedling nursery after sowing them 15 months ago). It was a joyful occasion; we were so happy to see our friends, the forty farmers, and the beautiful healthy seedlings. The day was made… more →